20 JUNE — 3 JULY 2016

LOCATION   /   Federation Square Atrium

BIO: Dominic’s work is heavily influenced by abstract expressionists and artists such as Pollock, Rothko, Kandinsky, Mondrian and many more. If he had to pick a favourite though it would be home grown Howard Arkley.

His professional career includes being a producer/painter/performer/administrator and oh so many other things. But most importantly he loves art & design and has been practicing for over 10 years, mainly in Melbourne.

He studied Fine Art at Monash University and Creative Arts Industries at Victoria University. Has helped curate/feature/produce in such events as Dead House Walking (2010), Into the Red: Festival (2011), Aphrodite’s Bordello – Melbourne Fringe Festival (2012), Two Pound Parlour (2013) and Wear ART Thou exhibition (2014).

Most recently his time has been spent ordinating the Redbubble residency program and subsequent Made In House pop up exhibitions/shops (2015/16). CORNERS will be his first ever solo exhibition featuring all new work.

SYNOPSIS: As Dominic Taranto’s first solo exhibition, this is a combination of a recurring theme in his creative career and brand new focused work.

Throughout his fine art degree and even childhood he was always interested in the modern minimalist artwork of Mondrian. Everyday objects, simple design and composition were his main focus for this show.

“We are constantly surrounded by objects and points of intersection that when cropped correctly, in my mind, open up a world for interpretation.”

His hope is that people who see the work start to look differently at the world around them in a more creative, colourful and imaginative way. Each piece focuses on using the elements of line and perspective to ‘build’ or create space that can change or trick the eye the longer you look at it.

Colour is an added bonus and an illusive language that he constantly try to master and this show is a great opportunity for him to explore that language even further.