9 – 21 June | 2015

OPENING NIGHT   /   Thursday 11 June | 6pm
LOCATION   /   No Vacancy Gallery QV

Hello Play is an exhibition of new works created by graphic artist Spenceroni. Celebrating all things play, it is an invitation to put aside being serious for a moment and reconnect with your sense of curiosity and adventure. From paintings, patterns, and prints, to sculptures and more, Hello Play is experimental, colourful, and a little bit whimsical, but most of all fun. 

Play is a prominent theme that has emerged in my creative work over the last seven years. As children, play is a large part of our daily lives. But as we grow older, it suddenly disappears and we no longer relish the joyful abandon that comes along with it. Instead, so many of us view unstructured play as frivolous and a waste of time. For me, this loss is one of the saddest parts of growing up. When our modern lives see us fixated on screens and tied to our busy schedules, more than ever play should be celebrated as something that is integral to our creativity, growth and enjoyment.I’m interested in how we can reintroduce play into our lives and keen to explore its role in the creative process. In forming this body of work, I was inspired by play both as a subject and as a process, allowing myself to experiment and discover new mediums and techniques. I found this process to be quite liberating, leading to unexpected outcomes, fresh ideas and a new body of work that evokes the spirit of play – and hopefully inspires others to savour each moment of their own creative adventure.