September 27–30, 2017

LOCATION   /   No Vacancy Gallery QV

Shop I Am
Presented as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2017.

This new work explores and examines the behavior fashion evokes in our society by referencing popular art, popular culture, performance art and music to challenge and engage viewers to rethink identity as a socio-political construct.

Fashion plays an implicit role in our social interactions, in shaping and shifting our perceptions of what is ‘in’ and ‘out’, ‘important/not important’. ‘acceptable/other’. Fashion is all about making a statement through clothing and objects to convey/define an identity, uniqueness, status that assumes itself to be better than what we already possess, hence creating an urgency to acquire more, consume more and re-invent identities based on popular culture and trends.

Dance and fashion have many parallels, and in this new work and I pose the question: “Is dance is inextricably linked to fashion, and if so, should it be”? Through this investigation I further explore questions around “If or should fashion and dance be striving to reflect the zeitgeist of our time, as fleeting as it is”? “Or should dance perhaps be performed irrespective of fashion, or even in defiance of the fashion of the day and vice versa.

Shop I Am is a experimental work that subverts concepts such as fashion, dance and performance by pushing boundaries of what these concepts mean through the space, personal and physical limits of the performers and through the reconfiguration of space.

Shop I Am challenges and questions how far dancers go in performance and if  individualism can be obtained.

Dates: 27th – 30th September 2017
Times: All shows 6:30pm
Location: No Vacancy Gallery – Jane Bell Lane, QV Complex, Melbourne CBD
Tickets: Standard $25

Nebahat Erpolat works across genres, encompassing sound art, installation art, site-specific performance, text and dance. She is interested in how choreography can create new performance contexts, using space, body and objects to create highly experimental pieces that challenge and engage audiences to re-think critically about live performance. Drawing from performance art, architecture and visual arts, in particular sculpture and dance, Erpolat challenges traditional notions of performance. Her artistic practice is heavily invested in forming inter-cultural dialogue, exchange and generating new forms of ideas and knowledge to cultural arts discourse both in Australia and internationally.
Erpolat has worked in collaboration with Berlin arts organisations and individuals, presenting works at HAU1 Hebbel Am Ufer, Leipzig Theater, Tanzfabrik, Uferstudios, Ada Studios, Transient Museum, Grimmuseum, Petra Rietz Salon Galerie and Performer Stammtisch. Since returning to Melbourne in 2013, she has established her own independent arts practice with a special focus on creating highly transgressive, immersive and conceptual works.  Recently, her dance work Emptying the Bucket was awarded Best Dance Award at 2016 Melbourne Fringe Festival and received high acclaim from writers Andrew Fuhrmann (RealTime Arts Magazine) and Paul Ransom (Dance Informa Magazine). In 2017 she worked with Marrugeku, a dance theatre company based in Sydney and Northern Territory, on Burrbgaja Yalirra for Sydney Festival and is currently is working with Outer Urban Projects dance production ‘Vessel’ which will premiere at the Arts Centre part of the 2017 Melbourne Festival.

Stéphane was born in France but now based in Melbourne, is an independent artist and professional dancer for 2 decades. He has danced for leading dance companies in Europe (Sasha Walt, Mariano pensotti, Hans Werner Klohe, in Germany, Michel Noiret, David Hernandez, Olgo de Soto, Joanne Leighton in Belgium, Tomi Paasonen in Finland, Fearghus O’ conchuir ,Michael Klien, Liz Roche, Rionach Ni Néill in Ireland, Annie Vigier, Franck Apertet, Serge Ricci in France amongst many others) and toured the world. Currently he is as an independent Dramaturge in both Australia and Europe, as well as working with Snuff Puppets, a giant puppet company based in Footscray. He has been with Snuff Puppets performing repertoire, running both physical movement, dance , yoga and puppetry workshops. Stephane has also created large scale  shows and parades with local communities in India, Korea, Japan, Denmark, Romania, Indonesia, Peru, Brazil and Australia.

Hailing from Perth, Sarah moved to Melbourne to study 4 years ago. Always fascinated with live theatre and the world of story telling, she began to study creative writing but switched to costume design so she could learn the technical skills of bringing the characters to life on the stage. Her love for stories just as much as design, Sarah is drawn to combining unlikely textures and fabrics to create different colours and illusions for viewers to enjoy.
Sarah has previously worked with NICA (National Institute of Circus Arts), Woodford Folk Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Melbourne production company Monster and Bear.

Emma Riches is a Melbourne-based dance artist and graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts (BFA Dance). During her studies Emma worked with Rebecca Hilton, Prue Lang, Lina Limosani, Phillip Adams, Helen Herbertson, Tra Mi Dinh and Rochelle Charmichael. Prior to the VCA, Emma studied at Ev and Bow Fulltime in Sydney after dancing with the NSW Public Schools State Dance Company for many years.
Emma has worked with Victoria Hunt (Tangi Wai…the cry of water, Dance Massive 2017), Nebahat Erpolat (Emptying the Bucket, Winner of Best Dance Melbourne Fringe 2016), Jo Lloyd (It’s This… Melbourne Fringe 2014) and Caitlin Dear (Qualia, Platform Festival 2017). Emma has also performed for Lucy Guerin (The Dark Chorus, Melbourne Festival 2016), Shian Law (Vanishing Point, Dance Massive 2017) and Amber McCartney (The Air Reef, Melbourne Fringe 2016).
Emma’s choreographic work Half Glass has been presented at the M1 CONTACT Festival in Singapore and the VCA DanceON Season in 2015. In 2016, Emma presented Nothing is Everything is Permitted as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival for which she received producer mentorship from Freya Waterson as part of the Compass Professional Development Program. This year Emma presented Less as part of Yellow Wheel’s graduate program. Her choreographic interests navigate somatic and improvised practices to produce work which fluxes between the conscious and subconscious… allowing, permitting, exchanging.

Benjamin grew up in Alice Springs moving to Melbourne to study dance at the Victorian College of the Arts. He has performed works by Miriam Nicholls (Bond), Adam Wheeler and 2nd Toe dance collective with SPRUNG Youth Dance Company. In 2013 Benjamin was awarded the Northern Territories’ Most Promising Male Performer and the Northern Territory Arts Scholarship. During his time at the VCA he worked with choreographers Jo Lloyd, Anna Smith, Prue Lang, Rheannon Port and Stephanie Lake. In 2015 Benjamin travelled to Paris participating in the CND Camping Festival doing workshops with Jone San Martin and also performed Half Glass by Emma Riches in Singapore as part of the M1 Contact Contemporary Dance Festival. Upon graduating, he has worked with and performed professionally in works choreographed by Victoria Chiu, ARTS FISSION Company, the Australian Conservatoire of Ballet, Lee Serle, Rochelle Carmichael, Shian Law, Phillip Adams, Emily Johnson and Nebahat Erpolat.