Weather Girls

23 AUG – 4 SEPT

OPENING NIGHT   /   Thursday 25th August | 6–8pm
LOCATION   /   Federation Square Atrium

No Vacancy brings you Weather Girls, a collaborative exhibition exploring the feisty and ever-changing nature of Melbourne’s temperamental and often surprising weather.

In this duo’s premier show together, illustrator Fiona Lee and calligraphy artist Nina Gilmour playfully explore a world where today’s forecast has a face (to blame) and life’s twists and turns can be expressed in a few weathered words. Through the mixed medium of digital and hand brushed ink on giclée prints, Lee and Gilmour juxtapose fine line drawings with bold inky lettering to introduce the viewer to the capricious climate of our bustling little city.

Studying Graphic Design together at the Queensland College of Art, Lee and Gilmour’s earliest collaboration include artworks for the international design magazine Neomu featuring alongside creative legends such as Rinzen, Rick Lee and kozyndan. Mid-career saw the pair working and hand painting exhibition murals at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art and designing/illustrating for publishing giants such as Penguin Publishing, Pearson’s Australia, Oxford University Press and John Wiley and Son. These days Lee managers her Melbourne Design Studio ‘Pounce Creative’ and illustrates for the creative agency The Jacky Winter Group. On the flipside when Gilmour is not exploring the inky world of calligraphy, within her own studio ‘Paper Diamond Creative’ she is riding the busy-train as a Creative Studio Manager for our own Victorian Government.

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